Nets on Saturdays 08:00 & 19:30

Via EchoLink - NY0I-R# 462547
6 site Coverage via AllStar Link
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Skywarn Net Control Access to MPX Chanhassen NWS
during Severe Weather

Since this is a Linked Network Please Keyup and Wait a good Second before Talking.
Please wait for the courtesy tone before the next transmission.

Link CourtesyTones
at End of Transmission:
Single = Linked in Audio from another Repeater
Double = Local Repeater Audio

AllStar Link Commands

Command Code Description

*1-node# Disconnect Link

*2-node# Connect link in monitor mode

*3-node# Connect link in transceive mode

*4-node# Enter command mode on a remote node


*70 Local connection status

*71 Disconnect all links (macro)

​*72 Last active node (system-wide)

*73 System-wide connection status

​*74 Reconnect all links (macro)

*75 Link Connect (Local Monitor Only)


*80 Force System ID

*81 Say System Time

*82 Say Time in 24 hr

*880 Wx Alert Off

*881 Wx Alert On

*882 AutoSky Manual

*915 Scheduler Enable

*916 Scheduler Disable

*921 Parrot Enable

*922 Parrot Disable

*923 Birdbath Parrot Cleanup/Flush

*980 Say app_rpt software version


  1. node is an Allstar Link node number

  2. Node number zero (0) is shorthand for the last node operated on by a previous command

  3. Monitor mode means listen to a node, but do not send any audio to it

  4. Command mode means send all received DTMF digits to the node number specified (bypassing the local command decoder). Send # to exit command mode, and restore local command decoding.

AllStar Link Telephone Portal: 763-230-0000

Enter Node number to connect to

Enter your ASL PIN

1 for VOX

2 for DTMF Control

*99 DTMF Phone Key (Assert PTT from Phone Portal)

  #  end PTT