443.8000+ cc3

DMR 12.5 kHz

145.2500- D172

System Fusion

AMS = Analog and Digital mode

Motorola TRBO XPR-8400 Repeater @ 40 watts output

    PCTel CATC450 5 db (7.2 dbi) Antenna Tip @ 120ft (180' HAAT)

    7/8" Heliax, 1/2" Superflex

    Celwave 696-4-SR Duplexer 

    Cradlepoint Router to Cellular MiFi for connectivity to MNDMR c bridge

Yaesu System Fusion DR-2X Repeater

DB224E Antenna 9db 280ft

7/8" Heliax

Sinclair Q2330E Duplexer

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