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DARC Net on Saturdays 19:30 on all Links

09:25 Sat Amatuer Radio NewsLine Broadcast
09:50 Sat TCFMC Swap Shop
Only On 145.27, 443.85 & 444.35

  Link Status  
Via EchoLink - NY0I-R # 462547
                KC0CAP-R # 72238
Joining Links please maintain a clean audio/RF input.

Since this is a Linked Network Please Keyup and Wait a good Second before Talking.
Please wait for the courtesy tone before the next transmission.

Link Courtesy Tones
at End of Transmission:
Single = Linked in Audio from another Repeater
Double = Local Repeater Audio

Primary Purpose of Link is
for Skywarn Net Controls to Contact K0MPX

5 site Coverage via AllStar Link
Click Image to Enlarge

Skywarn Net Control Access to MPX Chanhassen NWS
during Severe Weather




  1. node is an Allstar Link node number

  2. Node number zero (0) is shorthand for the last node operated on by a previous command

  3. Monitor mode means listen to a node, but do not send any audio to it

  4. Command mode means send all received DTMF digits to the node number specified (bypassing the local command decoder). Send # to exit command mode, and restore local command decoding.

AllStar Link Telephone Portal: 763-230-0000

Enter Node number to connect to

Enter your ASL PIN

1 for VOX

2 for DTMF Control

*99 DTMF Phone Key (Assert PTT from Phone Portal)

  #  end PTT


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